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A yard isn't complete without plants, and with that eventually comes mulching and plant trimming. Garden Experts provides all of theses services, planting services, mulching services, and plant triming services in Austin.  We help you decide which plants are better for you lifestyle, in regards of plant maintaince, and arrange them on your yard. When planting it's important to take in consideration mulching. Mulching provides the plants with nutrience as it breaks down over time, and it reduces the amount of weeds, which can save time and money later. As time goes on inevitabley, like everything, plants grow. With this growth, some plants might need trimming in order to keep the yard looking polished. Plant triming allows for the proper plant growth, since it can eliminate pests so it'll grow under healthy conditions. We offer these planting, mulching, and plant trimming services all over the Austin Area.

Flower Beds & Stone Borders

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There are many reasons for looking into shrub removals, including infestations of parasites, diseases, overgrowth or just wanting a new look for the yard. However, when looking into shrub removals, the ease of it should be taken into consideration.  Removing shrubs can be difficult to properly do, especially if the person doing it barley has any experience. Through out the years of shrub removals in austin, we've gained knowledge and experience to effectivley remove shurbs hassle free. 

Lanscaping  Services in Austin

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Designing a landscape for a yard can make or break it. With years of experience and knowledge, we are able to design the perfect landscape for each Austin yard. Customer service is one of our main prioritites, which is why they're involved in each step in the process. While desiging the landscape for a yard, it's taken into account our customers lifestyle as well as the overall look they want to achieve. If our customers aren't happy with thier yards, we aren't happy either, which is why we do everything possible to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the finished product. For more information or an estimate please contact us at or (512)4848366. 

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Garden Experts provides various landscaping services in Austin. They have the background knowledge to turn a lifeless yard into a more enjoyable setting with out having to pay an arm and leg.  Their expertly skilled landscapers, will get the job done in the most  effective manner. Whether it's planting and mulching services to design and installation services, Garden Experts will get the task done. Through exerience gained, they've gained the knowlege to help choose the best plants for your garden due to the conditions experience in Austin. They'll take everything into consideration when carrying out the landscaping services the offer. These services include making flower beds, mulching services, planting services, shrub removal services, designing stone borders, and overall landscape design. 

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Planting, Plant trimming & Mulching

Getting flower beds around plants or trees in a yard can add a whole new polished look. Although the task seems very easy, creating flower beds can be quite the challenge to take on for a person without the experience. Which is why our team is trained and equipped with the right tools to create the perfect flower bed for your garden. No two flowerbeds are the same due to contributing factors like the layout of the plants it'll be surrounding, the stone choosen, and the color pallete of it, which is a great thing. Each of the flower beds we construct and design all over the Austin area, are unique. We prioritize our costumers happiness, so to make sure they like the end product they're constantly involved in the designing process of making a flower bed.